Saturday, June 18, 2011

This is why I watch football

In England, a group of young men were being initiated into rugby and soccer teams, so they got drunk, dressed up like fighter pilots, got on a bus, and "performed lewd sex acts while on the vehicle".

You know, I've been through some initiation rites.  I went through Scouts, which was rife with ceremony.  I have four small scars on my chest where the pins from my sergeant's stripes were pushed through my uniform to make "blood rank".  Heck, you could say that the entire time I spent in basic training was one long hazing session that coincidentally made some semblance of a soldier out of me.

But no-one ever asked me to dress up as Goose and scare the little old ladies on public transportation.  And to be perfectly honest, if Drill Sergeant Hill had told me to put on a flight suit and dry hump my battle buddy on a bus, I might have found a way to be sent home.  

Guys, if any group wants you to do things that you wouldn't do in front of your grandmother in order to join said group, find another group.  No matter if it's a sports team, military organization, religion, sewing circle, reading club, or Cub Scout den.  Your self respect is more important than having your teeth knocked out in a scrum.

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