Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Times in Old Homes

My hometown of Minot, North Dakota is about to have its worst flooding ever.  The Souris River is going to flood the city after raising several feet since Saturday.  At the moment, the city leaders are building secondary dikes to try to safeguard critical infrastructure when the main levees inevitably collapse.  Thousands are being evacuated and hundreds of homes will be destroyed.

On the other extreme, my old duty station of Fort Huachuca, Arizona, is preparing to evacuate because of the Monument fire. Several areas around the post have already been emptied, and the National Guard has been called out to provide security while a great multitude of firefighters tries to direct the fire around Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca.  The Observer has some great pictures of the area and a good report on what's been going on.  Lots of places I used to enjoy hiking in have been charred, and I'm pretty sure my old neighborhood south of post is gone.

One home is being washed away, and another is in danger of burning to the ground.  I'm hoping my worst fears come to nothing.  Please keep those who are being hurt by these two disasters in your thoughts.


Julie said...

It's awful when these things happen in areas of friends, family and memories.

I do hope that all in the path of these two events are safe.

Old NFO said...

Been saying prayers for those folks... And it's not getting any better.

DaddyBear said...

I've been getting updates from friends and family, and it's not as good as it sounds in the press. My cousin has been spending his free time helping friends sandbag their houses.

And in Arizona, they're not expecting the fires to go out until it starts raining next month. It's going to be a long few weeks until the monsoon starts.

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