Monday, June 6, 2011

Good thing he didn't have a gun

Or someone might have gotten hurt.

A man in Chicago was attacked by a group of youths on Saturday night.  And by attacked, I mean smacked by a baseball in the head and then beaten by 15 to 20 youths, and by youths I mean the semi-civilized denizens of our cities who get together to do nothing better than lay a beating on a random stranger.

The misguided children of the night fled when the police arrived, and apparently several were arrested.  Something tells me they weren't members of the National Honors Society or the Boy Scouts.

At least this happened in Chicago, where I can almost guarantee that the recipient of the beat down was unarmed.  If he'd had a gun, he might have utilized it to either prevent the attack or to stop it before it progressed.  I mean, one of these poor unfortunates might have been harmed, either by running from an armed man who refused to be beaten within an inch of his life by a pack of urban wolves, or maybe even ventilated in the torso or cranium by someone who had the audacity to object to being victimized on the streets of a major American city.

Luckily, all the target of this mob had to defend himself against 20 to 1 odds was his rapier wit, and the police arrived to chase the group of youths away before he was beaten bad enough to actually die.  So I guess everyone won here.  The youths got to beat up a stranger, the stranger is still alive, and the police can claim they saved a man's life when they go for funding next year.

Isn't it nice when a story has a happy ending?

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