Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good For Him!

An Illinois man noticed a bag of money sitting on the sidewalk and did the right thing.  He went into a nearby bank with it and tried to give it back, but they disavowed any responsibility for it.  Undeterred, the gentleman called the police and turned the money in.  Turns out it was money for an ATM that got misplaced by an armored car company.  No word yet on whether the good Samaritan will be given a reward, but I hope he gets something for his honesty.

It says a lot that something like this surprises me.  A sense of honor and responsibility like this is, regrettably, rare these days.  To be honest, I half expected him to be arrested for something or other over this.

So good for you, Robert Adams.  I like being able to write about something positive for a change.

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