Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Open Letter

Dear Senator Feinstein and Assistant Attorney General Breuer,

After reading transcripts of your performances yesterday, all I can say is this:

With all due respect to your offices, bite my hairy butt. 

Madam Senator, more people are killed by cars every year than will ever be killed by people using modern sporting rifles they bought at a gun store after undergoing a NICS check.  Oh, and by the way, anyone can walk into a dealership and buy a car with no background check, or pay cash to someone they met online for one, or even purchase an automobile across state lines and have them shipped to their homes.  One final thought for you:  ownership of a car is not enshrined in the document that authorizes you to draw a paycheck.

Mr. Assistant Attorney General, our right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with sporting or hunting.  It's about self defense, preparation to defend the nation, and keeping our government respectful of our other rights.  Putting food on the table or shooting skeet is just a side benefit.  Saying that we should only own guns that are useful for hunting or sporting is like saying that we should only be allowed to read books that fall into the comics and self-help genres, or be represented by lawyers who fall into the personal injury or family law specialties. 

Hopefully this little screed helps you to remember that "shall not be infringed" does not equate to "if we feel comfortable letting you".  I'm assuming that you both can read at some level, so here, educate yourself.  Feel free to ask for help in sounding out the big words.


Daddy J. Bear

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