Friday, November 25, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Hockey Stick" Department - A study by the National Science Foundation has concluded that the planet is indeed warming, but the impact of human activities has been, shall we say, overstated.  No word yet on whether or not we can expect to see a dime of the money we've spent on 'green' technology and reducing our carbon footprints returned to us.  But I'm a starry-eyed optimist, so here's hoping that the Obama administration will admit errors and publicly shame Al Gore on the Washington Mall.
  • From the "Cut Out the Middle Man" Department - Pakistan and China recently finished a joint military exercise.  Let's see, we're borrowing money China to give to Pakistan in foreign aid so they can give the money back to China to pay for weapons and exercises.  Why don't we just ask China to give the money directly to Pakistan and save on the interest payments?  Seems to me that would be more honest on the part of our Pakistani "allies" too.
  • From the "Government Efficiency"  Department - The Russian government has budgeted $8 million for the construction of a website for young people.  The site will be used to teach them about Russian history.  For that much money, couldn't you just hire a few teachers to go around Russia and talk to students about history?  For 8 million, it ought to be designed and executed by Pixar.  Then again, this is the same government whose idea of a snow plow was 10 guys with shovels and a dump truck, so what do I know?
  • From the "Fox News is Hiring" Department - A Russian news anchor has been fired after she flipped the bird at the camera while talking about President Obama.  I don't think she should be fired for this.  Honestly, I've flipped the bird at my TV when the president is being discussed so often I'm worried that Boo might pick up the habit.  Why should she be penalized for doing it on the supply side of TV when I do it so often on the consumer side?

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