Monday, November 28, 2011

Another One?

Syracuse University has fired an assistant basketball coach after a third person has come forward claiming to have been sexually assaulted by him as a child.  After the first two accusations, the university placed Bernie Fine on administrative leave, and I guess the magic number with Syracuse was "3".

Now, these accusations are still under investigation, so nothing is known for sure.  But I have to ask this:  Is collegiate sports going to be the next place we find a subculture of pedophiles?  After what appears to have happened at Penn State, this latest set of allegations has me asking whether or not the process for vetting coaches and staff at college sports programs is thorough enough.  Assuming that most universities have programs that bring young people into the sports programs in some way, what are the policies and practices of the NCAA to ensure that the adults who have access to these children are vetted and monitored?  If there aren't adequate policies, they need to be drafted.  If there are, then they need to be more rigorously applied.

The NCAA needs to go through these programs with a fine toothed comb, and get rid of coaches and staff who are placing children in danger.  Failure to do this risks the spread of such atrocities and the loss of a reputation for trust and ethics the NCAA tries to espouse and preserve.


Ruth said...

Well, the investigations not going very well. The police and the DA are to busy snarking on each other, getting less and less polite as they go, that I'm not sure much is getting done.

The University says they'd already investigated the first complaint way back when and found no evidence. Of course considering recent events you have to wonder just how thoroughly they investigated.

Ruth said...

To be also completely fair, 20+ years ago there wasn't much vetting TO be done, and no-one really saw the need either. It wasn't till the late 90's really that you saw background checks being required to work with children.

Ruth said...

oh, and now apparently the Secret service is investigating:

Did I mention how glad I am that I don't "do" sports these days, and even when I did I didn't have anything to do with SU?

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