Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Available

Thomas Nelson over at The American Thinker is discussing possible candidates for vice-president on the Republican ticket next year.  He seems to favor either Marco Rubio or Condoleeza Rice.  I'm more familiar with Rice's beliefs and accomplishments, but from what I can tell, Rubio would also make an excellent VP.  There are some who question whether or not he's a natural-born citizen, but from what I've seen, he was born in the United States, has always lived in the United States, and seems to hold no allegiance to another country, so by my understanding of the Constitution, he's a natural-born citizen.

Nelson assumes, of course, that Candidate X is a mid-west or north-eastern white guy who needs to balance the ticket with someone from the South and whose ancestors came from a more southerly latitude.  

If Herman Cain is Candidate X, I agree with Nelson that he's going to need someone with foreign policy experience, but I don't necessarily agree that his running mate will need to be of European ancestry.  Yeah, there will be people who won't vote for a black man who doesn't have a white running mate, but those people will have trouble voting for a black man no matter who he runs with.  

As for me, if I'm not the VP candidate, and I surely hope that Candidate X makes that call from the convention next summer (I'm not in the book, but I'm not that hard to find), then I don't really care about the ethnic heritage of the candidate, so long as they fulfill the constitutional requirements for being president.  I'd vote for Cain/Rice just as easily as I would hold my nose and vote Perry/Pawlenty or Romney/Gingrich, so long as their platform and stated plans for the country conform with what I believe and think is important for the president to do.  

Which is another thought - Why aren't people considering the current Republican candidates who might not win to be the VP  candidate?  It worked for Kennedy and Reagan, so why not for Cain, Romney,  or Perry?

But I really want to be the VP.  I've trained my whole life to be someone's attack dog, and this is my one shot at the big time.  Like I said, I'm just waiting for the call.

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Drang said...

I confess: I voted for McCain, hoping he'd drop dead the day after he took the oath. Well, OK, have an incapacitating stroke and have to abdic, er, resign.

I'll vote for Romney, I guess, but it'll be the same thing.

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