Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trivia for the Day

Did you know that if you need one stamp after the Post Office closes and you use the new automated kiosk in the lobby, the following conditions apply:

  • You cannot just buy one stamp.  You must buy 3.  I don't need 3 stamps, I need one.  I already lost the book of stamps I bought the last time I needed to mail something, so I don't need two more stamps to lose.
  • You can't pay with cash.  I had change to buy the stamp in my pocket, even enough to buy 3 44 cent stamps.  But the machine doesn't take cash.  You have to pay with a card.  So my bank paid the company that processes the transaction a rather large percentage of the $1.32 it takes to buy three stamps.  Funny, I'm doing business with the .gov, the money in my pocket was minted by the .gov, and it says right on it "all debts, public and private" right on it.  
  • You don't get a real stamp.  You get a pre-printed sticker that has a computer code on it, so it's sure to be mixed in with all of the other white paper with printing on it and lost.

Grumble, grumble, government, grumble.


Keads said...

Oh, and it takes your picture too!

Josh K. said...

I haven't mailed anything throught the US Post Office in around 5 years.

Thanks for reminding me why.


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