Friday, November 18, 2011

Paging Mr. Ahmadinajad

Iranian President Ahmadinajad, please pick up the white courtesy phone.  The U.S. Air Force has a message for you.

The Air Force is taking possession of some new ordnance, a bunker buster bomb that's 5 times bigger than the next biggest conventional bomb.  It's designed to penetrate facilities that are buried deep underground, with a stated purpose of destroying weapons of mass destruction programs.

Since we're unlikely to bomb North Korea anytime soon, I wonder what this could be for?   Maybe someone in the Air Force is planning on a little urban renewal in Iran, perhaps?

Honestly, destroying Iran's nuclear facilities will do nothing other than to delay their program, assuming that we can locate them with enough accuracy to actually target them with conventional weapons. Maybe it'll be delayed for years, but unless we assist their nuclear scientists and engineers in achieving room temperature, they'll just dig new, deeper tunnels and continue their march to the nuclear club.  It would probably be more fruitful to find ways to find and eliminate their nuclear staff than to bomb the facilities.  New tunnels can be dug in a couple of years.  It takes decades to create new scientists, even if you are importing them from China, Russia, and North Korea.

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WS4E said...

Best headline I saw about this new weapon:

"Pentagon boasts new hypersonic missile; delivers democracy anywhere in the world in under an hour, or your regime change is free…"

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