Monday, November 21, 2011

Community Organizer

Sung to the tune of "Sweet Transvestite" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", with apologies to Richard O'Brien.

How do you do? I
See you've met my 
Lapdog media men
They're just a little overwhelmed
Because covering my butt
Is becoming too much for their acumen

Don't get too mad
About the way I govern
Don't judge a man by his actions
I'm not much of a leader
By the light of day
But by night 
I lead one heck of a faction!

I'm just a community organizer!
From socialist
Chicago, Illinois!

Let me lead you around
Your property we could impound
You look like you've already got enough
Or if you want to argue about it
Or call my VP a twit
I can have the IRS start to play rough

I'm glad we caught you at home
You elitist drone
You're usually out on vacation
I'm glad that you finally made par
Now we'll go live in our car
And try to find a new vocation

Well, the economy's flat!
Well, how 'bout that?
Well voters, don't get cranky.
I'll sleep on it tonight
And if the unions say it's all right
I'll get you money from Ben Bernanke!

I'm just a community organizer!
From socialist
Chicago, Illinois!

So why don't you come over from the right?
I don't want to fight
I would rather take your favorite possessions
I've been forming a compromise
With obfuscation and quite a few lies
And that's good for the next election

I'm just a community organizer!
From socialist
Chicago, Illinois!

So, come up to the Hill
And choke down a bitter pill
I see you quiver with exasperation
But maybe your pain
Is just for my gain
So I'll do it all for the cause
But not the citizens!


RauĆ°bjorn said...


Tell me you wrote this.

North said...

I know that tune!

DaddyBear said...

Yes, I 'wrote' it, and I admit nothing.

Drang said...

You hit Rocky Horror every Saturday night at DLI, didn't you?

DaddyBear said...

Drang - I admit nothing

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