Wednesday, November 16, 2011

They're Back

The Atomic Nerds took a hit earlier this week, or rather, their hosting company did.  Stingray describes it in the way that only he can:

Then, one fine Saturday morning, Jihadi Joe killed those magic elves, so they couldn’t sort things to make sure the right info got to the right people, and all that particular machine’s elves knew how to offer up is Peace & Love & Stonings & Hijacking and yi-yi-yi music. People wanted their obscure WWI pistol information, and other people wanted their over-long scientific analysis of pop phenomenon and pointless profanity but there were no elves that knew where that douchecocking information lived anymore!
 Glad to see they're back, and I'm looking forward to reading my periodic reminders that I'm rarely the smartest guy in the room.  
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