Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mister Smith Goes To Jail

A man was arrested at Boston's Logan Airport after passengers on his flight reported that he was looking at child pornography while seated on the airplane.  No comment from the alleged hairball on the matter as yet.

I used to fly quite a bit, and I was 'lucky' enough to do it as things like laptops and such were coming into the mainstream.  It is amazing what people will watch or listen to on an airplane.  There's nothing like being seated next to the guy who watches X-rated videos from Frankfurt to Dulles.  That had nothing on the flight with the screaming baby, let me tell you.   Then there's the gangsta rap fan who listened to the latest version of "cuss and swear with a rhythm and talk about women as if they were disposable napkins" on his laptop speakers during a flight between Austin and Phoenix.   I feel embarrassed if someone can hear my music coming through my headset, and these people are watching porn, playing lude music, and sometimes a lot worse where everyone else can get an eyeful.

Usually being a big guy with a bad haircut worked in my favor.  Most of the time a polite "Can you knock that off before I knock it off for you?" stopped the bad behavior.   Yes, my people skills are legendary.

This dimwit alleged pedophile decided to indulge his sick kink while in the first class cabin of a trans-continental flight.  Imagine what it's like at his house.   Hopefully he's already been identified by the family as Uncle Badtouch and no-one goes over to his place for Thanksgiving.

Let's hope the wheels of justice to a good job grinding him into sausage.

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Old NFO said...

Concur- Not even going into some of crap I've seen/heard on flights (but no child porn, cause I'd probably be in jail for beating the s**thead into the floor.

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