Monday, November 21, 2011

Good for her!

A mother here in Kentucky came home with her two children to find an uninvited guest helping himself to a few of her possessions.  Confronted with an intruder, the lady didn't choose to cower or to run away from danger.  She defended her home and her family:

According to police, she went to the basement and confronted someone who was in the process of taking items, including her shotgun.
"There was a struggle over that weapon," Said Sgt. Armstrong. "The struggle led to the suspect and the homeowner fighting over the gun all the way out to the driveway of the home where the suspect was shot."
Like Kathy Jackson says, if you have to fight, fight like a cornered cat.

The troglodyte in question is now in the hospital after taking a shotgun blast.  While I won't shed many tears over the death of someone who makes a habit out of breaking into homes and scaring women and children, I hope he survives.  I want him to go to prison and tell the story of how he ended up with such pretty scars.  Maybe his example will knock some sense into a couple of other knuckleheads.

Update - The scumbag in question later died of his wounds.  While I don't relish the death of another human being, this one was pretty much self-inflicted.  Don't want to get shot by an homeowner?  Then don't break into houses.  Notch another one up for the DGC.


Old NFO said...

Good for her! Thankfully neither she nor the kids were injured!!!

Stephen said...

Shame she didn't blow his equipment off while she was at it and cleanse the gene pool.

MrG's said...

I am glad that she did, a lot of people would have cowered in fear. The crappy thing is that she will be tried and crucified in the media because she didn't let him leave with the shotgun because they fought all the way to the driveway. 50 years ago she would have been feted as a with the politics of victimhood in play...I don't know.

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