Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Fooling?

Energy Secretary Chu testified yesterday that although he did his best to make sure that Solyndra was a rock solid company, he doesn't expect to see much of the half a billion dollars he loaned to the company.  Apparently, it's more important that the speculators who invested in the solar smoke-and-mirrors company deserve to get more of their money back before the taxpayers.  He also denied that political considerations made a difference in his decision.  I haven't seen pictures or film of his testimony, but the image I have in my mind is him testifying while wearing a Solyndra tee shirt and drinking coffee from an "I Heart Democratic Donors" coffee mug.

You know, it's sad that I'm not surprised by this kind of thing anymore. Both parties have been handing out money like they didn't earn it for decades.  Wait a minute, never mind, they in fact did not earn it.  Anyway, the business plan for a lot of companies seems to be:

Step 1:  Give some money to politicians
Step 2:  Get a metric ton of money from politicians
Step 3:  Profit!
Step 4:  Golden Parachute!

Now y'all excuse me while I go try to figure out how I'm going to afford to pay the new taxes it's going to take to pay off the debt we went into in order to give money to Solyndra and every other snake-oil salesman who could squawk "Green Energy" for the past few years.

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Old NFO said...

I think I'm just gonna retire before they take ALL my income...

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