Sunday, November 6, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Bad Idea" Department - The state courts system in California is considering whether or not to accept a $20 million donation from the owner of the L.A. Lakers and a health care company to stimulate work on a new computer system.  If the words "conflict of interest" just came into your mind, you earn a gold star.  Taking private money to do something for the supposedly neutral courts can create the perception of bias towards this man and his businesses when, not if, he's sued.
  • From the "Sense of Entitlement" Department - A member of the Occupy Wall Street movement decided that being told his Big Mac wasn't going to be on the house was a good excuse to throw part of a cash register at the restaurant's staff.  Apparently this particular fast food place has become a good place to use the restroom for members of the protest group.  So I'm guessing that the employees have been having to spend quite a bit more time cleaning said facilities, and the owner of the place has had to pay their wages and buy the supplies to do it.  In return, this young person decided to beg for free food, and then assaulted the staff when rebuffed.  Yeah, I'd be hiring an armed guard to make sure only paying customers use the restroom from now on.  Remember kids, no good deed goes unpunished.
  • From the "Scratching an Itch" Department - An overly amorous couple in Florida has been arrested after stealing an unmarked police car in order to have sex in it.  According to police, the male in question feels no remorse at his actions because he was in a hurry to jump in the sack with the young lady.  Guys, no matter how good looking or willing she is, she's not worth an arrest record.  Ladies, no man is good looking, rich, or a smooth enough talker to rate getting a pair of steel bracelets.  Maybe I'm just too old, but stealing a car in order to have a place for a roll in the hay sounds like a bad idea.  Then again, I was young and stupid once, so who am I to say?

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Mrs. Crankipants said...

They took a wrong turn on the freeway of love. I only hope the cop stocked disinfecting wipes in his glove compartment.

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