Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week With the Kids - Day 4

A wise man once told me "The only easy day was yesterday."  He didn't know how right he was.

The day started out OK.  I got Girlie Bear off to school with no problems, and Boo and I had a few minutes to play with the light sabers before I took him to preschool.  I expected today would go well.  I was going to be working at one of our offices across town from where I normally work, but quite close to home.  I expected to work there all day, be able to get Boo from school without having to break some or all of the state speed laws, then head home.

Those hopes were dashed when my cell phone rang at about noon.  The world was falling in at the office, and I had to drop everything and rush over to hold it up.  I arrived to find that one of my co-workers had already done most of the work, but since I was there, I stayed with the group working on the problem.  When I mentioned to the manager in charge of our impromptu task force that I needed to leave to get Boo, he said he wanted someone from my work group to come down and sit with his group until they were done working.  Of course, calling someone at their desk at 3 PM to drop everything and come down to work on something else didn't go very far.  Eventually, I found one of my co-workers who was able to re-arrange his schedule for a few hours and take my place.

I had to rush to get Boo, but luckily I didn't kill anyone or cause major traffic pileups doing so.  I had to get home to dial in, so dinner went from being pizza from our favorite pick-up only place to Little Caesars.  Girlie Bear must have been salivating at the thought of her favorite pizza, because she looked like I'd just shot the dog when I got out of the car with those pizza boxes.

She got over it enough to eat her share of pepperoni and cheese, but not before commenting on the condition, ingredients, temperature, and consistency of the pizza.  I had to remind her that there were still leftovers in the kitchen if she didn't like it.

Boo, on the other hand, ate like a lumberjack.  Of course, all the carbs in the pizza quickly translated into a burst of energy that will be talked about by our grandchildren.

Irish Woman called to talk to us, and seemed very excited to be coming home tomorrow.  Her flight should land at about dinner time, so I think I'll take everyone out for something on the way home from the airport.

While she was on the phone with Boo, she directed him to another "treasure" she'd hidden in the house.   Monday night was a slinky, Tuesday night was a red light saber, Wednesday night was the flute from hell, and tonight was the most annoying thing on earth:

Mama, you are in so much trouble

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a talking Darth Vader mask.  You'll notice his Lego Star Wars PJ's, red light saber, and now he's walking around telling me "I am your father" and "Now I am the master".   Yep, I'm raising a nerd. I must do something just as nice for Irish Woman someday.

Tonight will be spent tidying up the house a bit, possibly reading a chapter or two from one of the books I'm reading, and then a few hours of blissful slumber before I start Day 5.

I'm almost there. I can do this.


Suz said...

Good heavens! TWO noisy gifts in one week? Does she have it in for you?

Jennifer said...

In your overwhelming thankfulness for the presents, I think you should leave the cleanup for her. You would not want to mess up her system or put anything in the wrong place.

Julie said...

i agree with Jennifer ... :)

glad you've survived this far!

DaddyBear said...

It's not that bad guys. She gave him a few new toys over the week to give him a distraction. She didn't do it because she wanted me to suffer. Not saying that I won't give her a ration of crap over it, but it's all in good fun.

Jay G said...

I think when you come to St. Louis for the NRA convention you should leave Boo a drum set...

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