Friday, April 15, 2011

Render Unto Caesar

Well, our 2010 tax returns are in the mail.  As usual, I did them myself.  I would have used some software or website to do them, but I refuse to pay $60 to have a machine figure my tax and file it for me when I know I owe money to the government.  If the IRS wants my money, they can deal with a paper return.

I was planning on getting a small return, adding that to my meager gun savings account, and then getting a Buy A Gun Day (BAG Day) gun.  However, my loving ex-wife and our mutual son decided it would be better to have him file his own return, so my tax planning for the year was shot right in the brainstem.  Rather than claim him anyway and trip an audit, I backed down and paid the IRS an amount that coincidentally almost equalled my entire gun savings.  I'll have to remember this the next time he calls needing something.

The funny thing is that we will be getting a small check from the state revenue department.  Not enough to buy another gun, but probably enough to buy a nice amount of ammunition or something.  How we ended up owing federal and getting a check from state is beyond me.

So, how did taxes go for all of you?  Buying anything fun with your returns?

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