Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Car Lust, I has it

OK, I'm not a car guy.  I love the way that Corvettes made in the 1950's and 1960's look, and I love early model Mustangs, but who doesn't?  The sportiest car I've ever owned was a 1991 Dodge Shadow, and I didn't even get the V6 model.  I drive a mini-van or a bare bones pickup truck.  I also know that with a small kid in the picture, I will probably be too old to enjoy a sports car by the time my family is sized right for a two-seater.  Sadly, I will never be in a position to, as Tam puts it, "haul nothing but ass".  I've been hoping that my next car will be a little more fun and less of a dad-mobile, but my hopes aren't that high.

But the other day I saw one of these, and I discovered automotive lust:

I've never been that impressed with German cars.  I drove Opels, VW's, and BMW's in Germany, and they didn't trip my trigger any more than driving a Dodge or a Chevy.  Mercedes were nice, but not nice enough to pay Mercedes prices.

This little honey, though, looked like polished sex on wheels.  I will have her.  Oh yes, she will be mine.  I'll just have to find someone who wants a 40 year old kidney and lung in great condition.

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