Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carrying on a Scandinavian Tradition

Most of you know what a berzerker is: a Viking warrior who gets into a frenzy during battle, fighting with no armor and light armament, with only his fury and the favor of Odin to protect him.

Apparently, while other aspects of Scandinavian culture have softened in the past millenium or so, the animals in Sweden continue this fine tradition.

Zoo wardens in eastern Sweden said 10 flamingoes were killed when an anteater got loose at a zoo and broke into their compound.
 Apparently the wayward anteater went into a defensive frenzy when it was startled by the reaction of the flamingos to it being in their enclosure.  This anteater, normally a plain and peaceful animal, went Bruce Lee on the more flamboyant and flashy flamingoes when he was provoked.  Whether the anteater had taken hallucinogenic drugs or just got high on adrenaline prior to this episode is not being reported.  

Could it be that the animals at the zoos in Sweden are the continuation of great Viking traditions?  Are we going to see bands of sea-going marmosets sacking British seaside towns?  Will a colony of badgers set themselves up in Ireland before being assimilated into the general population?  Will zebras be used as bodyguards for the crown heads of Europe? 

Of course, when attacked by roving bands of bears, the French will surrender and give up between 1/3 and 1/2 of their territory, but that's to be expected.


Peter said...

Just wait until the Lutefisk start bitch-slapping those who don't like the taste!


DaddyBear said...

if the Lutefisk are re-animating to conquer and pillage, then we have bigger problems!

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