Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Dog Takes a Big Chomp

A greeter at a Home Depot in Canada lost part of her nose to the chomp of a Shih Tzu.  The owner is probably going to be charged with a crime, and the dog may need to be put down.

I personally don't care for small dogs.  I'm sure that most of them are perfectly wonderful, and at least as friendly as our two slobbery mutts.  But my mother had Yorkies.  The only good thing I can say about those little furballs is that they make good burglar alarms.  I can't count the number of times I got busted coming in after curfew when my step-dad heard them losing their bloody minds as I eased the front door open.  Other than that, they were mean, bitey, hairy little beasts who should have been left to hunt rats at the bottom of some British coal mine.

People need to learn that even though something is small and cute, it can still be mean as a snake, especially to strangers.  Lots of people carry their small dogs around like a handbag, and bad things can happen.  Little dogs tend to be nervous to begin with, and when you take an overbred toy whatever and drag them through 18 unfamiliar environments, they're going to get a bit snappy.

Hopefully the lady who was bitten can get proper reconstructive surgery, and hopefully the lady who owned the dog suffers a bit for it.  Lord knows her rag mop fashion accessory will suffer because of her owner's inability to leave the dog at home.


Old NFO said...

Put it down, and the lady should have to pay for the re-constructive surgery out of her pocket...

Ruth said...

Since every HD I've ever seen has a "no dogs allowed" sign on the front door.....and frankly if the dog isn't tolerant of people it should have not been out in public, or if the point of the trip was to socialize the dog the a muzzle should have been in place.

Not a big fan of little dogs either.....

ZerCool said...

Can't stand anklebiters. Big Blue Store has a "service dogs only" sign on all the entrances, which is cheerfully ignored by the staff and customers on a regular basis.

One gal brought in a mini chihuahua, which sat in the crook of her arm and cowered/shivered the whole time. I didn't go anywhere near that one. On the opposite extreme, a gent brought in a gorgeous (and petite for the breed, her shoulder only reached my hip) Great Dane bitch; she was friendly, gentle, and arguably one of the most elegant dogs I've ever seen.

I don't take my dog to stores, though, because dogs aren't people, and that's that.

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