Thursday, April 14, 2011

In other news

From the "No Kidding" Department:
  • People who swim after eating may get cramps.  
  • People who live in the desert tend to get suntans.  
  • Wild dogs tend to like raw meat.

A study in Texas suggests that people who join gangs are much more likely to be a victim of crime.  What?  Hanging out with criminals makes you more susceptible to having a crime perpetrated upon you?  If you frequent a "social group" whose main claim to fame is how many asses they've busted caps in might get you shot, beaten, or robbed?  By the way, that little triptic is known as the "Detroit Three Way".

In related news, a study done by the University of Minnesota has found that people with small children have a different diet and a higher risk of being overweight than people without children.  Really?  People who are lower on money, sleep, and time tend to eat differently, exercise less, and be heavier than their childless brethren?  You mean a sleep deprived young father may not take the time to make a nice salad, slow-roasted lamb shanks, baby potatoes, and asparagus when the only thing your kid will eat is chicken nuggets, ketchup, and strawberry yogurt, washed down with milk and apple juice?  Who would have thought that a young mother might not get to the gym as much when she's trying to juggle job, pediatrician, day care, and potty training?

Did we actually pay for this research?

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