Friday, April 8, 2011

I can hear it now

"Honest honey!  I got it from a mosquito!"

A biologist who travelled to Africa and was infected with a mosquito-transmitted virus seems to have passed the disease on to his wife via intercourse.  Scientists report that, while rare, this kind of thing has been seen before.

Imagine if other diseases that are normally spread through intercourse were found to be transmittable via insect bite.  How many scumbags would look their wives in the eye and say "Hey, I got bit by a chigger while I was on that business trip.  Must have gotten it there."?

Something tells me he'd still be a dead man walking.


Brigid said...

At least he didn't come down with a case of smallcox.

DaddyBear said...

Yeah, then he'd have to have an addadicktomy.

MrG's said...

booo hiss *chuckles*

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