Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going to Hell on a Scholarship

Someone just had their signing ceremony to play power forward for Satan's basketball team today.  The main refrigerator compressor at the Dare to Care food bank in Louisville was broken into last night and the copper coils were ripped out.   That freezer holds 100,000 pounds of meat, which is distributed to needy people and soup kitchens in the area.  I've done some volunteer work for Dare to Care, and I can confirm that they're good people trying to do good works.

It's sad that I'm not shocked.  People are starting to get desperate, and things like this are beginning to become commonplace.  But in this instance I just have to shake my head.  Dare to Care is one of the few charities that I've seen actually make a positive impact.  People that are desperate enough to steal parts of a refrigeration system are only a couple steps up the ladder from needing their services.

The TV news reports that Kroger has committed to helping out with cold storage if necessary.  Hopefully repairs will be in place before that becomes necessary.  I imagine that the new compressor will come with a security cage.

And I hope the goobers who stole the coils enjoy doing two a days for Beelzebub.

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