Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you bloody kidding me?

According to a recent poll of Mississippi Republicans, 46% of them felt that interracial marriage should be illegal.  I'm assuming that what they mean by interracial is a black person marrying a white person.


I'm almost speechless.

OK, Sparky, let's talk.  See that calendar on the wall?  It says 2011, not 1911, or 1961.  We've sent black people to war, to college, to the voting booth, and to the White House.  I personally have had black physicians, black professors, black commanding officers, and one very good black lawyer in my lifetime.  In the event that one of my kids decides to become involved with an American of African descent, as long as they're a good person and treat my kid like the beautiful prize they are, then they do it with my blessing.

Look, if you want to have a problem with people who aren't as lilly white as the driven snow, fine.  It's a free country.  You want to raise your children to keep their gene pool monochromatic, as long as they don't hurt people, have at it.  It's your life.

But do us all a favor and stop with the "There oughta be a law" crap.  Choices in marriage are none of the government's business.  If two adults, regardless of their race or whatever, want to try to spend the rest of their life putting up with each other, it's none of your, or my, business.  As a nation, we have better things to worry about than who's hooking up with whom.  I'm sure that at the local level, Mississippi has more pressing issues.  Stop acting like a Democrat and let the rest of the world live the way they want to.

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Spikessib said...

Isn't is amazing the number of people who think they do okay and are always right, but others need laws to protect them from stupidity? Butt out is the only proper answer. As Heinlein said, the other choice of answer will get you talked about.

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