Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think I see the problem here

An area of Fort Worth, Texas, is having a lot of trouble with feral hogs.  Animal control and the police are pointing at each other when it comes to finding who should be taking care of the issue. 

Why don't the good residents of River Bend Estate take care of the problem themselves? 

Local laws ban the shooting of wild hogs within the city limits, the neighbors said.
So these people, who live in  a pretty gun and hunter friendly state, are restrained by applying a little bit of copper and lead travelling at a few hundred feet per second or even a pointy carbon fiber tube and making a little bacon because hunting within city limits is frowned upon.

My solution:  Change the law.  You are responsible for where your bullet or arrow goes and what it hits, but nothing can stop you from using whatever reasonable means you want to in order to kill off the feral hogs that are digging up your begonias. 

Areas up north have the same problem with  deer.  Due to city laws, they aren't hunted, and because we've gotten rid of their natural predators, they have no checks on their population that's not powered by an internal combustion engine.  Some have tried birth control in food, or poisoning. When the animals still remain a problem, eventually someone has had the bright idea of letting people pay to correct the issue using bows and/or crossbows.  Amazingly, people will actually purchase permission slips in the form of deer tags to have a chance at bringing down the number of suburban deer.

I say change the law and declare open season on Porky the Barbarian.   My guess is that the hogs will find somewhere not quite so pointy and noisy to live, and once they're outside of city limits, it's a free fire zone on hogs.

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Shepherd K said...

I'm sure there are a few bow hunters who have skirted the law. It'd be nice if people were responsible enough to be trusted with suppressor equipped firearms in an urban area without sending a round through a hog and into the neighbors house. I had a friend whose ex-wife managed that trick in a semi-rural area. Poor neighbor was sitting on the can when the round came through the wall. Fortunately, no mess to clean up.

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