Sunday, April 3, 2011

Color me shocked

Apparently putting an unbalanced, drugged up, spoiled alcoholic on stage with no script, no direction, and no purpose isn't very entertaining.  Who knew?

The crowd that booed and heckled Charlie Sheen got exactly what they paid for:  a train wreck.

My guess is all of his other sold out shows are non-refundable.  He may be crazy, but he's not stupid.  I'll leave that label for the bluntskulls that traded paper with pictures of dead people on them for tickets to watch the slow meltdown of an American actor.

My one question in all of this is "Where is Martin Sheen?"  His son is in a tailspin, it's hurting his grandchildren, and it's dragging his "name" through the mud.  Why doesn't he go dopeslap his spoiled little rich boy into rehab and stand over him with his foot on his neck until he sobers up and realizes what an ass he's become?  I guess in the world of "entertainers", having your son turn into a babbling maniac on camera and on stage is considered a good thing.


Brigid said...

He's probably just hoping that people don't notice they have the same last name.

As to the people that paid money for that. They deserve everything they got.

Julie said...

I heard the last part of an interview with Martin Sheen about Charlie.

His comments were along the line of "So if he had cancer, how would we deal with it?" he asked. "Well, he has another disease and it's equally as dangerous as cancer, and so we lift him up, we pray for him to be present and try to lead him as much as we can."

Basically, as I read it, "he's not responsible for his actions and we should feel sorry for him".

Maybe that's not what Martin Sheen is saying, but it sure sounds like it to me.

DaddyBear said...

My take on it is he's shrugging and saying "Whatcha gonna do?". What his son is going through may be a disease, but letting him crash and burn is not very therapeutic.

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