Monday, April 25, 2011

Guess who has this detail?

Police in Gary, Indiana, recently found two bodies in a pile of horse manure.  While investigators try to identify the bodies and figure out how they ended up interred in mushroom food, some poor soul is having to sift through the rest of the pile for evidence and more bodies.  I wonder how badly you have to screw up to get that assignment.  Kind of puts the lie to all of those glamorous CSI shows, doesn't it?

While any honest employment is better than the alternative, there are definitely jobs that rate pretty high on the distaste-o-meter. Heck, Mike Rowe has made his fortune spending a day or two doing jobs that most people wouldn't even consider doing.

While we're on the subject, what's the most distasteful thing you've ever had to do while on the job?  For me, it was having to scrub down the pit latrines at one of the ranges we attended during basic training.


Old NFO said...

Burning crap in cut off 55gal barrels...

DaddyBear said...

Ah yes, shit detail. Literally

Christina LMT said...

Cleaning up Aloha Stadium after a big game. Gross. Also, I was five months pregnant at the time.

bluesun said...

Washing dirt (soil testing) for the past three summers. Luckily no "organic matter," the job was more tedious than anything else.

ZerCool said...

I've had quite a few jobs over the years, but none have been *really* distasteful.

I think the closest I come to unpleasant was the summer I worked maintenance at a summer camp. Aside from the usual bathroom cleaning (which generally wasn't that bad), I had to disappear any sleeping bags that got wet overnight, run them through laundry, and reappear them. Not terribly nasty.

(There HAVE been some nasty things in the fire service, but that's another story entirely.)

Geodkyt said...

Did you know that, when shoveling out a pig barn, it is best not to startle the tenants. If you startle them, they take off at high speed, leaving a rooster tail of runny goodness that looks like the over-water scene from Firefox?

This East Coast boy from Hampton Roads didn't, and his loving Minnesota farmer uncle thought it would be a learning experience.

Also, one should not stand there with a shocked look and one's mouth open if this happens. . .

Before I could come near the house, Grandma hit me with the high pressure hose from 30 feet.

I looked like a chocolate bunny who had had his ears already nibbled off. With nutty sprinkles (pigs are omnivorous and cannibalistic, so random chunks of teeth and bone were included).

I don't just eat bacon becuase it tatstes good -- I hate pigs. chuckle

DaddyBear said...

Geodykt wins the gold star for the day!

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