Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Trigger Event

On December 1, 1934, a gunman killed Sergei Kyrov.  Kyrov was a Soviet revolutionary and was seen as something of a counterweight to the rising power of Joseph Stalin.  Stalin used the assassination of Kirov, an act that he is now suspected of ordering, as an excuse to clamp down on internal dissidents and those he considered a threat to his power.

Another example of this kind of behavior would be the Reichstag Fire in 1933. In both instances, an act of domestic terrorism, that was probably a false flag operation, set in motion a reign of terror.

I'm not talking about something like the 9/11 attacks here.  That was an attack against the country by a foreign invader.  These incidents were blamed on domestic opposition, and were used as a cudgel to get the population to support repression of dissent.  In both circumstances, if they were indeed carried out at the orders of the government, the operational security was air tight.  My guess is that the governments in question killed off the people who carried out the operation, then the people who killed them, then probably the next crew too.  Once you've liquidated people who are within a few layers removed from an operation, it's pretty easy to forget that the operation happened at all. 

So what could be the event in our country that can be used as a credible excuse to suspend civil rights and get rid of domestic opposition?  Could it be the assassination of a popular, but troublesome politician?  Or could it be the destruction of an important national landmark by those who are perceived to be opposing the country?  This wouldn't be a gradual erosion of citizens' rights and accumulation of power by the government.  This would be an almost overnight change from a moderately free republic to something much more restrictive and less representative of the will of the people.

So what do y'all see as a possible incident that would not only allow the government to suspend the Constitution, but would have the citizenry clamouring that they do so?


North said...

"So what do y'all see as a possible incident that would not only allow the government to suspend the Constitution, but would have the citizenry clamouring that they do so?"

The Obama election of 2008.

Old NFO said...

The first thing that comes to mind is an attack on a Southern military base/armory, or an attack against a complete law enforcement department with a full range of weapons... Something similar to what has already happened in Mexico.

The second would be 'home grown' terrorist 'threatening' a town/city/county...

Personally, I think the administration is looking for ANY tipping point they can call into play, and I see DHS as being the tipper/instigator...

Suz said...

Why does it have to be domestic terrorism? The Patriot Act was a direct response to 9/11, and has pretty much suspended the 4th amendment.

It could happen, because it already has happened, and the PTB's didn't even have to cover up a conspiracy.

The Suburban Ninja said...

I think I agree with the aforementioned posts. We're in the midst of it, the current presidential administration has already taken a lot of our freedoms away, and the majority hasn't even noticed because it's been cleverly hidden in political mumbo jumbo that looks good on paper. I couldn't tell you what the moment will be that triggers another revolution. I'm hoping it doesn't come to small civilian militias against the military.

DaddyBear said...

I agree that the post 9/11 changes were pretty destructive to some of our civil rights, but what I had in mind was an incident that would have the population clamoring for the government to get rid of a perceived domestic threat, and would be willing to give up most if not all of its remaining civil rights in order to get that done. Like "We don't care if you have to censor the newspapers to shut them up! Arrest whoever you can find who's a member of , even if it means you have to get a few of us with them!".

bluesun said...

Barbarian invaders always worked for Rome. Canadians from the north?

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