Saturday, December 31, 2011

Someone is about to have a bad day

Reports are still sketchy, but it appears that a servicemember has been caught with military grade explosives at the airport in Midland, Texas.  I see three things as possibilities for this:

  1. This is an American jihadi ala Nidal Hasan who was stupid enough to try to take his bomb in his carry-on
  2. This is a soldier coming home on leave with a little something to show the people back home
  3. This is a soldier PCS'ing to a nearby base who has a little something extra 
I've seen both numbers 2 and 3 myself.  One goober at Fort Hood once got caught trying to take a couple of mortar rounds home.  I've also seen people coming home from the Mid-East get caught with AK's and such disassembled and in their baggage.  

Either way, on New Year's Eve, someone's chain of command is getting some really unwanted phone calls.  

"Hi, First Sergeant X?  This is Sergeant Y from the Midland-Odessa Police Department.  Do you have a Private First Class Slipinschitz in your unit?"
"Yes, is there something wrong?"
"Yes, we caught him trying to board a plane at our airport with some military explosives, and he is in our custody at this time."
".......OK, let me get your phone number and I'll get back to you."
"Thanks, and 3.2..1.. Happy New Year!  Have a nice drive to Midland, First Sergeant."

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