Monday, December 12, 2011

Range Report

Sunday was hectic, but I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to my indoor range.  Knob Creek is currently flooded out (Hey, it's called Knob Creek for a reason), so I went to my indoor range, OpenRange Sports in Crestwood.

For all of this shooting, I sent the target out to 21 feet.  I used the same paper target for all of the shooting, but added a new stick-on target for each gun after the first round.

I of course shot the new Remington R1 that I posted about a few days ago.  I started out with three magazines worth of S&B 230 grain FMJ, and the pistol performed flawlessly.  The slide was very smooth, and the trigger the last owner put in was smooth with very little take-up before breaking.  I also put one magazine each of CorBon 185 grain +P and Federal 230 grain hollow points. Again, the pistol performed flawlessly.  The 3-dot sight on the R1 showed up very well against a dimly lit range background.  I need to do some shooting with it in real low-light conditions.

Here are the results from shooting the 1911 at 21 feet:

Not bad.  A couple of flyers, and I'm shooting a bit low and to the left, but not bad for the first time I've shot this gun.  I'll keep working on it.

Next came the CZ-82.  This is my EDC gun.  It's definitely more accurate than I am.  I was shooting Fiocci 92 grain FMJ through it today.  Again, shots were taken at 21 feet.

Not bad for a $200 gun shooting cheap ammunition.

Next came the Smith and Wesson Model 13 .357.  I wimped out and was shooting S&B .38 Special 158 grain FMJ.  I did most of them single action, with the last two cylinders going in double action.  I love the trigger on this gun.  All it takes in single action is a hard thought, and the double action is very smooth, if a bit heavy.

My first cylinder of double action shooting went off to the right quite a bit, but I corrected that in the second cylinder.  I definitely need to get some snap caps and work on my dry fire.

Last came the S&W 22A1.  This one is a bit finicky about its ammunition, but with Remington 36 grain HP it runs pretty well.  I went back and forth between the torso and the head with these.  Hey, if you're going to shoot inexpensive ammunition, have fun with it.

Yeah, that was fun, and that's the main reason I do it.

Here's the final status of the target after all of those holes were punched in it:

Yeah, Frosty had a bad day.


Mamma Bear said...

OMG...Yall done gone and killed Frosty!....LOL

45er said...

I love the target. I'm glad you got some recoil therapy in.

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