Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TSA Christmas Carol

Members of the TSA tried to bring a bit of holiday cheer to travellers at Los Angeles International Airport the other day.  They have been practicing on their own time, and sang patriotic and inspirational songs.

I thought I'd suggest a new Christmas carol for them:

Wow! Man this sucks
I spent 600 bucks
All they can say
Is throw shampoo away

Still standing here
Kids shedding tears
Harassing the old
Pissing off the bold

Bad Touch, Bad Touch
That is their job
Agents two by two
With hands of blue

Please spread your legs
Are these your bags?
Searching your hair
Groping a pair

Daily they work
Acting like jerks
Take off your shoes
Start to sing the blues:
Gonna gonna gonna gonna miss my flight!
Gonna gonna gonna gonna miss my flight!

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

I saw them 'perform' last week, I (and most others) just kept on walking and ignored them... A few songs DON'T make up for the hate/discontent they are causing!

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