Friday, December 9, 2011

Blogs Roundup

Borepatch does an excellent job laying out the options available to our European cousins.
Big Hollywood discusses how the Red Cross is worried that the violence in video games might have an impact in war crimes.
JayG is going to be doing a test and evaluation of the Ruger LCR.  In the words of the Joker: Where does he get such wonderful toys?
Lawyer does his best to make me feel my years.
Nancy R. shares a bit of her family history with us, and shows us how wicked smart our forebears could be.  If all the modern conveniences were to go away tomorrow, how long would it take for someone to figure out how to do something like that?
Flopping Aces wins the "DaddyBear Should Buy More Kleenex" award for the day.
BRM is starting another internet meme which looks interesting and might fuel some mid-winter movie watching at Case de Oso.
OldNFO has a rather comical conversation with a couple of hipsters.

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