Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Very Strange Bedfellows

Rupert Boneham, who has competed in the reality TV show "Survivor" several times, has filed papers indicating that he may run for governor in Indiana as a Libertarian.  His website says that he's not satisfied with the candidates that have already declared their intentions to run, and he wants to serve his community.

I wish Mr. Boneham luck.  I've heard some interviews with him and he seems to be a hard-working, caring man who does indeed care about his community.  Being just south of the state line with Hoosierland, we see a lot of their political commercials.  I can't wait to see what his campaign comes up with.

The posts from Tam, Frank W. James, Roberta X, and other Indiana bloggers may be interesting if this develops into a full blown campaign.  Of course, having seen pictures of Mr. Boneham, I don't think he'll need a wookie suit.  Usel no longer needs the weerding module.

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