Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thought for the Day II

Fed Chairman Bernanke says he doesn't know where the economy is going to go, and wants to have all tools on the table so that the Federal Reserve can work to stop the hemorrhaging in the stock market and elsewhere in the economy.

Chairman Bernanke, here's a thought:  The economy is a floater that's slowly circling the drain.  I suggest you quit manipulating the bond market by buying U.S. debt and allowing the government to spend money like it was water.  If you would stop enabling the debt junky who's in charge of this government, maybe he would sober up and start being a little more responsible with my tax dollars.


Josh K. said...

But where a triple A rated country not matter how much dept we hold. Mr. Obamanomics said so and he wouldn't blow smoke up my a** would he?


Old NFO said...

Good point...

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