Saturday, August 13, 2011

Must be a new record

A young man who was about to start attending classes at Western Kentucky University has been told to stay off campus by the college's administration.  It seems that he has made a habit of "planking" on various things on campus and leaving stickers advertising his activities on the targets of his attention.  He made an appearance on TV about his escapades, and seems to be surprised that he is being told to stay off school property.

This bluntskull defaces school property, and is then surprised that he's told to go away and not come back?  Under "chutzpah" in the dictionary, we'll find his mugshot.

You know, I knew a few guys who were asked to leave the Army a couple of months after joining up because they either just didn't fit in or had screwed up so badly that the military didn't see the value in trying to make soldiers out of them.  Irish Woman reports that several people she knew in college didn't make it through their first semester before being asked to pursue their academic careers elsewhere.

But this talented young man didn't even make it to freshman orientation.  That's gotta take some talent for poking the pooch right there.  Imagine being fired from a job before they even embroidered your name on your shirt.  Something tells me this guy is going to have that experience more than once in his life.

So way to go there, genius.  You worked hard all through high school to get into a pretty good school, and threw it away so you could do your "Look at me!  I'm cool and special!" routine before you even signed up for classes!  I'm sure you'll do well in whatever endeavor you screw up next, and your parents won't mind you trying to get through enough community college while living in their basement that you can re-apply to another university in a few years.  Good job!


Old NFO said...

LOL- The snark is STRONG on that one DB :-)

DaddyBear said...

I think I've lost all patience for young people doing stupid crap, NFO. I'm about to turn into the neighborhood "Get off my lawn" guy.

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