Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Remake Movie I'll Miss

According to Big Hollywood, during a recent interview the director of the recent Planet of the Apes remake used the movie's protagonist, a chimpanzee that has gained the ability to speak English, to evoke the image of Che Guavera.  For those of you who were educated in the American school system, Che Guavera was the Cuban Communists' analog to Felix Dzerzhinski and Lavrenti Beria.

Wait a minute... hmmm......

Let's try to explain that a bit.  Guavera stood up the Cuban Communist secret police, massacred peasants who didn't bend their knees to the hammer and sickle, and tried to export his genocidal ideology to the rest of Latin America and Africa.  He was eventually killed while running like a scalded dog from government troops in Bolivia.

No, that's probably assuming too much.  Hmmmmm.

OK, let's try this:  Contrary to what that really neat economics and history professor told you, Guavera was a cowardly butcher who preferred to kill off those who disagreed with him rather than either modify his own beliefs when they were proven wrong or convince his opponents of the rightness of his position through argument and example.  He made it even worse by putting together his own unique blend of sadists and muscle to break heads and bust caps on anyone who dared to show a little thoughtfulness before acquiescing to his demands.  He then tried to 'convince' the downtrodden populations of the rest of the Third World that giving up self-direction and personal freedom was better than cyclically electing the best and brightest to try to bring their lives out of the crapper.  Yeah, the guy on that really neat OD green t-shirt was a putz.  We'd all have been better off if his mother had drowned him at birth.

Did y'all get that?  Good.

For those of you who understood what I meant before reading past the first paragraph, thanks for hanging with me while I brought the others up to speed. Now back to my rant.

I have had it up to here with 'entertainment' being used to shove revisionist history of Fascism, Communism, terrorists, and athlete's foot down my throat.  Nazi's are always evil, as are communists, people who blow up pizza restaurants for fun and profit, and the guy who invented talking toy robots with no volume control or off button.  Their image cannot be rehabilitated and those who try to do it are either uneducated, intellectually dishonest, or a little of both.

Here are some plot elements of which I have no interest in and will waste neither my time nor my money on:

  • Soldiers of any nation treated as doops, idiots, or victims who didn't know better and were betrayed by The Man
  • Soldiers that are nothing but sadists who are given a license to prey upon the poor people they come across in their conquests
  • Members of any species, race, religion, or political leaning shown as being uniformly evil or virtuous
  • Evil corporations who subvert government to maximize profit, preferably by causing harm to ordinary folk
  • Plucky single mothers who are able to make a great life for themselves and their children while afflicted by the presence of the ubiquitous evil penis owners, all while still able to keep their active social life going
  • Humans and their evil technology which does nothing but despoil otherwise pristine, virginal Nature
  • Communist revolutionaries or their symbolic surrogates who do nothing but fight against the plight of the common man while creating a new, better world.

I have known many people from Latin America whose lives were adversely effected by the Communist ideology exported from Cuba by Che Guavera and his ilk, so this kind of stuff trips a trigger with me. Che Guavera, Stalin, Beria, Pol Pot, and the rest of that crowd of mass murderers deserve nothing but our scorn.  The 'intellectuals' who lionize them deserve no better.  I gave up on such 'entertainment' long ago, and I don't see anything that will entice me back into the theater coming along anytime soon.

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