Monday, August 8, 2011


A couple of Fridays ago was "System Administrator Appreciation Day".  This is the day where we all stop to remember those people, myself included, who act as the mechanics for the technology that we all use every day.  Be it the Linux SysAd, the Windows desktop administrator, the Oracle DBA, the Cisco network admin, or the cellular communications guy, we all work bad hours in dirty computer rooms and worse to keep the information super highway rolling.

On September 19, it will be "Talk Like A Pirate Day".  This is the day where we all get to put on our eyepatch, raise the Jolly Roger, and swagger our way through the day while shouting out our doggerel to the masses.

It occurred to us at the office today that we could mix the two and celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate SysAd Day".  Here's some thoughts on good sayings for this auspicious event.

  • Arrr, Linux be a harsh mistress.
  • The cluster be keelhauled.  Clear decks for action.
  • Batten down the hatches!  It be Black Tuesday and Microsoft has been in the captain's rum!
  • Man the long toms!  We be under a DDoS attack.
  • Be careful what you say, matey.  Here there be trolls.
  • No, you cannot have more space for your database, ye scurvy dogs.  Ye be already using every spare gigabyte that we have and we're about to capsize the storage frame!
  • Me first server she were a DEC 3800 running OpenVMS.  She were trim and yar, and me home were SYS$BOOTY.
  • Which one of ye scurvy rats put pictures of naked womenfolk on me NAS?  I ought to make all of you walk the plank.
  • Weigh anchor me hearties!  Of course it be heavy!  It be made of old 486's fused together with Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, and Skittles!

What do you guys think?  Is there room on the calendar for another made up holiday?

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Borepatch said...

This is excellent. And DCL FTW!

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