Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my surprised face

A convicted swindler has made assertions that he gave money and other gifts to University of Miami football players over the last few years.  Gifts included cash, sex parties, cars, and access to exclusive bars and clubs.  The NCAA is investigating, and players he has implicated are either being kept away from reporters or are making no comment.

Shocked, yes shocked I am that this kind of thing is going on at a prominent NCAA football program!

You mean that "student" athletes are accepting unauthorized gifts of money and favors from someone who desperately wants to give them?  How long has this been going on?

What's next?  Are athletes going to be assigned a smart guy to tutor them just enough to keep their grades in the eligibility zone?  Is the smart guy going to be paid to attend classes and take tests so that a running back can devote more time to the weight room?  Are athletes going to be given athletic scholarships even if their SAT scores and high school grades indicate that they're just not cut out for college level courses?

Sweet zombie Jesus, are athletes going to take these scholarships for a couple of years and then leave to make millions playing ball in the NFL while talented students have to put themselves thousands of dollars in debt to finish their degrees and get a real job?

My Lord, how widespread is this?  Tell me it's not happening at Notre Dame or Ohio State!


Old NFO said...

Pick ANY school, it happens EVERY day... Football at Div 1 level funds ALL other sports (mens and womens) in major colleges.

DaddyBear said...

Agreed, NFO. But this isn't an alumnus giving money to the football program. This is a jerk buying access to athletes and the program by providing cars and hookers

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