Friday, April 15, 2011

Topico Overexposo

Let's get this out there before I start:  I don't like Barack Hussein Obama as President.  I disagree with his politics, his tactics, and his deplorable lack of job experience prior to taking the most power position on Earth.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind having him and his family as neighbors.  I just don't want him to continue being the chief executive of our Union.

That being said, I'm tired of the whole birth certificate kerfluffle.  No matter where he was born, Obama's mother was an American citizen.  I personally believe that he was born in Hawaii, as he and the documentation we've seen so far claim.  But what if he was born in Kenya?  Let's suppose for the sake of the argument that his father wanted his son born in his native land, and took his pregnant wife to Africa.  His mother bestowed upon her son citizenship when he took his first breath.  My only quibble on this one was that instead of a Hawaii birth certificate, he would have been given a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, as was given to my oldest son and to the thousands of American citizens who were born outside the country to at least one American parent.  If we say that because his father was Kenyan, and he may, possibly, sort of kinda might have been born in Africa that he's not constitutionally qualified to be president, what do you do about the children of Americans with foreign citizens who were born overseas, but raised as Americans?  Not just military kids, but the children of businessmen, students, and all of the other citizens who make a baby with the local populace while they're overseas?  Don't they deserve to be considered citizens at birth?

President Obama could make all of this go away by allowing the long form of his birth certificate to be released, along with his academic record from college.  My guess is that he's keeping this controversy going in an effort to bleed off momentum from those who oppose him.  Energy and bandwidth used to squawk about his birth and such is stolen from criticism of his record as a legislator and president.

As someone who wants to see President Obama unseated in 2012, I believe that we would be better served by concentrating on his performance as president.  Sideshows such as where he was born do nothing but distract us from the path to the White House.

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Shannon said...

That all being said (and quite well, as always)...kerfluffle is now my new favorite word.

P.S. ~ I always get the most intiguing word verifications on your blog. Today = manlyzxi

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