Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Timing Fails

Two quick entries for the "People with timing issues" list.

First, a fistfight between two women at a McDonald's hiring event ended up with three people, including the owner of the restaurant, injured after being hit by a car. The two pugilistic applicants were arrested.  Ummm, ladies?  I'm no expert in the little things that you should and should not do to get hired in this highly competitive job market, but running over the owner of the business you're applying to must be covered somewhere in the brochure.  Next time, wait until after the interview to try to beat one of your co-applicants senseless.

Next, a group of "militant Muslims" in London is planning on holding a "forceful" demonstration during the upcoming marriage between Prince William and the fortunate genetic donor he's grafting onto the blood line.  The stated purpose of the demonstration is to disrupt the event.  Now, it's been quite a while since I was in London, but my guess is that the most punked-out, anti-social skinhead in the British Isles would be more than willing going to curb stomp your silly selves if you jump out in front of the House Cavalry during the drive to the church.  To call the average Londoner proud to be British is like saying that it's a little loud to be a door gunner on a helicopter in Helmand province.  My guess is that if this group of people finds a way to disrupt the festivities, a few Londoners ranging from WWII vets to 19 year old anarchists are going to re-enact that great British tradition of placing heads on pikes over the river Thames.  Allah forbid someone gets really stupid and takes a shot at the happy couple or blows themselves up during the procession.  That might show Muslim organizations how Crusaders really act when they've got their dander up.


bluesun said...

Holy crap, I almost hope that those demonstrators goes a titch too far, maybe it could kick start some sense back into britan.

Old NFO said...

This is true... :-)

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