Monday, March 14, 2011

Service Review - Lucky Gunner Ammo

Since I mentioned Lucky Gunner earlier, I thought I'd do a quick review of their service during a recent purchase.

Most of you have probably heard of Lucky Gunner, and I'd bet that a large percentage of you have done business with them.  For those of you who haven't, Lucky Gunner is an on-line ammunition dealer.  Their claim to fame is that if it's listed on their website, it's in stock, so there are no back orders.  If you can't find it on their site, they don't have it.

A couple of Friday nights ago, I took a look at my ammunition supply and found myself wanting in .38 Special target ammunition and .270 hunting ammunition.  I have a few boxes of each, but not enough that I would feel comfortable going to the range and going through a box or two of either without severely depleting my on-hand storage.

I went up to Lucky Gunner and pretty quickly found what I was looking for.  Two boxes each of both kinds off ammunition, both made by Sellier and Bellot.  I've had good luck with other S&B ammunition, so I thought I'd stock up a little.  After adding two 50 round boxes of .38 and two 20 round boxes of .270 to my cart, the cost came to $68.  The price was better than any of the other on-line retailers I looked at.

Checking out was easy and pretty quick, even allowing for going through their registration process.  Shipping charges and taxes came to $12, for a grand total of $80 for all of them.

I received a confirmation email on my purchase almost immediately, and a shipping notification was in my inbox the following Monday afternoon.  The Big Brown Truck of Happiness left the box on my doorstep on Wednesday.

What made my experience a bit better than other on-line ammo retailers I've used is the follow-up that Lucky Gunner did after the sale.  I got my receipt and shipping confirmation in the mail, as expected.  But this evening I received an email from their customer service department asking if my order had come in as expected and if I had any concerns.  Yes, it's a form letter, but this is the first time I've ever had a gun related business reach out to me after successful completion of a transaction to check on how satisfied I was without it being a marketing survey.

So, the experience I had at Lucky Gunner was quite good.  The price of their ammunition is as good as or better than local gun stores or even Walmart in some cases.  Their website and customer service is top notch, and I got my order quickly and without problems.

FTC notification - I have no connection to Lucky Gunner other than being a satisfied customer.  They provided me with nothing that I didn't pay for.


Julie said...

Nice to hear about good customer service!

Enjoy using the ammo :)

DaddyBear said...

Hey Julie! Yes, it's going to be fun to turn that money into smoke and noise.

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