Friday, March 25, 2011

Aw, Hell No!

For today's Whiskey Tango Foxtrot award, we recognize the Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Emergency Management Agency.  As the background situation for their emergency preparedness exercise, they envisioned a mass-shooting by a teenage gun nut who was opposed to a recent influx of immigrants.  Police and other emergency workers would then react to the situation.  Some people, including me, find this backstory insulting.  

Officials maintain that the scenario is immaterial to the exercise, and was only thrown into the plan so that federal funding could be acquired for it: 

This scenario and supporting suspect profiles are only in the plan in order to define this FICTITIOUS INCIDENT as a domestic terrorism event and to provide simulated intelligence that responding law enforcement would want and/or eventually request during the event,” Reed wrote. “There will be NO role-playing of racist protests, slander or hate crimes during the actual exercise … the only thing being exercised is the RESPONSE to a shooting, we are not exercising events leading up to the shooting.

In order to assist the PCEMA in finding plausible, real-world, situations for their exercises, I submit the following ideas:

All of these scenarios would fit the bill, but the last one is probably the best generic "Get the boys, there's been a shooting at the school" scenario to train and test your emergency response capabilities.  Speaking for  us Caucasian gun-toting anti-illegal immigration males, the "Crazy White Boy With A Gun And A Grudge" premise is wearing a bit thin.


Old NFO said...

Unbelieveable... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because there haven't been any immigrants terrorized by white nuts or police coast to coast.

Spikessib said...

Guess you saw where that exercise was canceled. Turns out us white, anti-immigrant gun nuts also threaten school principals.

No word yet of an investigation into the threats, or even a quote from one of them.

The school rep said there were complaints and emails from all over the mid-west about this scenario.

Jeez, you'd think we were unionized or something.

DaddyBear said...

Remember, when we question them as to their motivations and such, we're threatening them.

MrG's said...

it is the ongoing political warfare the present administration is waging against what they consider right wing extremist(which is everybody to the right of their point of view. When we have a DOJ that refuses to finish the job against the black panthers in philly. We have a DHS that considers everybody that don't agree with obama's policies to be right wing extremist. And if you are a veteran, you automatically get the extremist moniker. We have the powers that be criticize us for "being bitter" it is fashionable to bash the "right winger" What about the left wing? they do more violence and nothing is said. I guess because they believe the same thing.

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