Monday, March 7, 2011

Beast Feast

This weekend, at the invitation of a good friend, I went to a Beast Feast at one of the local Baptist churches.  Basically, it was a men's evening at the church, with a great meal, entertainment, fellowship, and a touch of worship thrown in.

I knew it was going to be a good evening when I passed over the threshold of the church and wasn't struck by lightning.

The evening began with one of the best meals I've had in a long time that wasn't cooked by my sweet wife.  The menu included grilled venison steaks, venison and onion tart, barbecue wild boar and mountain sheep, venison sausage queso dip and chips, and elk bratwurst.  All of it was wonderful, but if I ever find the man who makes the elk sausage, I'm going to marry his daughter to BooBoo and tie his bloodline to mine.  Mind you, this wasn't the healthiest meal on Earth.  The closest to a vegetable at this table was the salsa.  But all of it was delicious.

After dinner, we went upstairs to the chapel, where I was again happy to not be struck by lightning.  That being said, I was glad that our group stayed back from the altar.  "Thou shalt not test the Lord, thy God" and all that.  The evening's program was headed up by a remarkably good local Christian rock group.  They played a lot of songs that I hadn't heard before, but my companions seemed to enjoy.   My favorite, and the only song this heathen recognized, was when they ran a little close to the edge and played "First Baptist Bar and Grill".

Next came the speaker for the evening, who did a good job relating hunting and fishing to fatherhood and faith.  He discussed how his father had used the outdoors to teach him about being a good man, and how he was in turn passing this on to his own son.  He even had this old skeptic doing some soul searching before he was done.

I had a great time, and I'm definitely going to be going next year if I'm invited.  And I meant what I said about the elk bratwurst.

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Shannon said...

Men's night at church and all that unbelievable food? I'm surprised that the lot of you didn't retire to the chapel, unbutton your pants and take a nap before the sermon and music.

WF ~ upersin...HA!

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