Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Color Me Suprised

I'm pleasantly surprised that President Obama is going in person to Poland for the funeral of the Polish president.  I half expected him to send Cussin' Joe Biden.  Guess Joe hasn't been let out of the pit in the basement of the White House yet.

Obama has seemingly gone out of his way to insult our friends and allies, including Poland.  The Poles I met when I was in the military were very pro-Western, and especially pro-American.  Poland has worked hard in the years since they got the Soviet troops out of their country to become a productive member of NATO, including offering to house our troops and missile emplacements.  On a couple of occasions, President Obama has kicked Poland in the teeth in attempts to curry favor from Russia.

Now, that country has been pretty much decapitated.  The Poles are still trying to get their legs underneath themselves, and any moral assistance we can give them will probably help.  

Obama going to Poland will go a long way to heal wounds that his treatment of our European allies has caused.  He just needs to remember this:  the trip is not about him.  He is going to pay his respects to the leader of a friendly nation, and by so doing show how much that nation means to our country.  He is not there for sound-bites or photo-ops.  Classiest thing he can do while he's there is to tell the press that he's not going to answer any questions, and that he's only there to share in the grief of the Polish people.  I hope that he shows at least some class here.

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