Sunday, October 5, 2008

What goes around, comes around

Good things happen to good people, and bad things return to bite the bad people.

OJ Simpson is currently sitting in a small cell, segregated from the general population. He's been convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery, and a host of other things. He's facing spending the rest of his life in state prison, probably in something close to solitary confinement. Apparently there are enough people in the prison system that would like the notoriety of beating the bejeezus out of Simpson that they have to keep him away from the rest of the prisoners.

Good. Let him try his "I'm a nice guy, look at me" act when he only sees the sun and other human beings for 1 hour a day.

Of course, there are those that think this whole thing is payback for his past legal troubles. And if it is, they can try to prove it. And of course, he'll appeal the conviction, and will drag this out for years. I hope he spends his last dime trying to prove he's been set up.

Putting him away for this doesn't even come close to what he owes society for the death of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, but it is a start. Of course, the Goldman's seem to be happy about this. And they deserve to be. I hope that with this waste of protein behind bars, they'll be able to find the money he's been hiding since he lost the civil trial in court.

And I hope he spends the rest of his lonely, stinking life looking at the world through a small plexiglass window.

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