Sunday, October 5, 2008

No joy in the hunting ground

Took a little time Saturday afternoon and went bow hunting. I tried out a new state park south of Louisville.

The area I hunted was absolutely gorgeous. Small hills with thick woods, some fields, and creek beds running all through it. There's been no real rain for a while, so the creeks were dry and made for great avenues to move in.

I set up in some woods on the edge of a field, with a knob and a creek bed at my back. I was watching the area under a tall oak as my primary target area, and was sitting under another oak. There were a lot of acorns on the ground for feed, and I figured that was as good a place as any this early in the season.

Unfortunately, the deer had other ideas. I did see a small buck at the other end of the field, either a 4 or 6 point. He was too far away for a bow shot, but if it had been muzzleloader or modern gun season, there'd be venison in the freezer.

Overall, it was a really nice day. The temperature was in the mid 70's, very slight breeze, with sun in the field, but the trees still have enough leaves that I was in deep shade.

Other than the lack of shots at deer, the only hitch in the entire afternoon was when a LARGE flock of blackbirds took up residence in the oak trees I was sitting in . They provided a good cover noise for me to shift around a bit, get some water from my canteen, and pop in a cough drop. Unfortunately, they also shook the limbs of the trees enough to make it rain acorns. For half an hour, I was getting pelted by acorns that were falling 3 stories. No harm done, but it did sting at the time.

I stayed in the woods until sundown, then made my way back to the truck. No deer, but I got a great afternoon alone in the woods.

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