Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clowns that are ruining civil society

Police in Chicago are looking for some creep in a clown costume that is trying to entice children into his car. Creepy enough if it wasn't being done in the territory of another Killer Clown.

Copycat or just a recurring theme? You be the judge.

Idiots like this are the reason that no smart kid will talk to a person they don't know.

It's also the reason that I, as a normal person, would never try to assist a child that didn't appear to be in danger, or try to assist a woman with children that I don't know.

Today was a case in point:

I was at a government office today to take care of something. There was a young mother there with three children, a boy about 4 or 5, a boy about 2 or 3, and a very small infant who mostly slept.

The boys got bored waiting, and Mom had a hard time keeping them in line because they were tag teaming her. When she was trying to control one, the other would be off getting into something or climbing up onto something.

Not her fault. Not even their fault. Boys are boys, and young kids that aren't absolutely afraid for their lives don't just sit quietly for an hour or so in a strange place. The young lady was obviously getting tired and cross with them, but child abuse is prosecuted in this jurisdiction, and they outnumbered her.

When I was a child, any adult would have felt it was their duty to intervene and try to assist this young mother with her two barbarians. The non-family adult wouldn't have disciplined them, but he might have talked to them sternly or tried to entertain them while Mom got herself together or did whatever business she was there for.

In the world we live in today, if I had offered to help her, she probably would have thought I was some pervert, and at least have very loudly and firmly told me no. Best case would be being embarrassed. Worst case would be me answering some questions to a nice police officer.

Best I could do was offer my place in line so that she could get them out of there sooner. She accepted, but still kept her distance from me.

John Wayne Gacy, you and all of the other pukes who ruined my ability to be a nice guy to a stranger, I hope you burn in hell until the world regains some of the innocence that you destroyed.

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