Monday, October 13, 2008

Good end to a long, frustrating day

Spent today trying to diagnose one of those "it's slow and I don't know why" problems on one of our servers. We've actually been trying to diagnose this for the past few weeks, but it came to a head today.

This afternoon we had exhausted all of our other options, and senior management was starting to breathe down our necks to figure this out. We decided to just re-install the OS on the server and see what happened.

The re-install went fine, as did re-installation of the database and app. But when we fired the database back up, noone could connect to it. We and our DBA's spent hours trying one thing after another, and eventually called the vendor.

All this time the customer is getting antsier and more vocal, and we're starting to get phone calls from management.

Finally, the DB vendor comes back with some arcane switch to set. The DBA makes the change, bounces the database, and the problem magically goes away.

We'll see how performance looks in the morning, but I'm not hopeful.

Got home 4 hours late tonight. Dinner was waiting in the microwave, and the kids were finishing up their evening rituals prior to bed. I got a few minutes with them before they headed to bed, then had a few minutes with the Irish Woman before she started to yawn.

I'm currently enjoying an adult beverage and watching Monday Night Football that the Irish Woman was considerate enough to record for me. Got to love a woman who knows what you like.

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