Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week with the Kids - Day 3

Halfway there.

Had a good morning getting Boo off to school.  He seems to enjoy using his toy lightsaber to get me moving a little faster in the morning.  Kind of like an ASP baton for midgets.

I found I was out of ground coffee this morning, and had fall back on instant.  I'll have to rectify that situation for the sake of humanity.  I don't drink much coffee anymore, but when I do I want it to be good coffee.  Life's too short to drink dishwater.

Dinner tonight was leftovers, which happens to be my favorite meal.  Girlie Bear ate up, but Boo turned his nose up at the warmed-up hotdish I gave him, instead asking for "toast and cheese and chocolate pudding".  I relented for the sake of domestic tranquility on the toast and cheese, but we don't keep chocolate pudding in the house, so I had to disappoint him.  He wasn't very happy about that.

While I was fending off yet another assault from the young Jedi and his whirling baton of pain, he spied a 'present' Irish Woman had left for him in one of the end tables.  Neatly wrapped in pretty tissue paper was a plastic flute.  I'm not sure what I have done to deserve that, but efforts to remove the offending shrieking whistle from Boo's hands caused protests louder than the flute.

Tonight I'm going to do some housework, get fully caught up on laundry, and try to get some sleep.  Irish Woman comes home Friday night, and I don't want the house to look any worse than it did when she left.

Tomorrow night I'm going to assume my secret identity of Indulgodad, able to order pizza at a single bound.  That'll give me a little extra time to do last minute straightening up and might do something about the morale of the children.

Halfway there.


Old NFO said...

Ah yes, I remember those days... NOT fondly :-) Hang in there DB!

45er said...

Hehe, this is a regular event around here. I will say that there is an unwritten rule of one-upping if one or the other ever provides an audible pain machine (flute) then payback is heck when it is their turn alone. I'm the first to admit I'm atrociously devious when that time rolls around.

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